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What is Neurofeedback?
Neurofeedback is a non-invasive, non-medication treatment for the brain that allows it to function at peak performance. This leading-edge computer technology helps you to realign and harmonize your brain waves. 
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What Does it Treat?
Neurofeedback has many positive and often permanent changes for the brain including, but not limited to:
    Sleep Issues
How Does it Work?
Neurofeedback works as an interactive way to retrain your brain. Using technology from BrainMaster, a company specializing in medical interface software, allows YOU to take control of exercising your brain! For your first session, the therapist will attach electrodes to your head that will measure your EGG feedback, or your brainwaves. With these electrodes, the computer will be able to measure and then translate the activity of your brain into data. The therapist will then analyze your data so as to set a baseline of your current mind state to allow for progressive improvement in your brain function. Once your initial baseline is set, the BrainMaster program will allow you to play a game. By playing the game, you are retraining your brain to follow the patterns that are most beneficial for its health. Once the game is over, your brain will continue to grow since it has been shown a more efficient way of functioning. 
​How Does Neurofeedback Benefit You?
Neurofeedback is beneficial for your mental health. It has been proven to enhance memory and focus. It has the potential to reduce anxiety, increase mental clarity, and increase positivity.
Recommended Amount of Sessions
For optimal success, 10 sessions are recommended per symptom. Each session lasts about an hour and the frequency is twice a week. Ennis Counseling Center offers BrainMaster technology for premier neurofeedback results. For more information, please contact Ennis Counseling Center with your questions. 
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What Research Expresses on Neurofeedback Treatment: 

ADD/ADHD - There has been evidence that children who had neurofeedback treatment have noted improvements in attention span, less time to complete homework, and less impulsivity in making decisions. 

PTSD - Neurofeedback treatment in people who have PTSD have been shown to increase the control of emotions and decrease the symptoms of PTSD. 

Depression/Anxiety - There has been evidence of reduced symptoms  and reduced functional impairments of both depression and anxiety in people with the use of neurofeedback treatment. 

Memory -Research has revealed that after a few sessions of neurofeedback treatment, the ability of recall and short-term memory had significant improvements. 

Neurofeedback: "Brain Fitness to Health and Wellness"
A Video Explanation for Neurofeedback Therapy: